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3/4" Waterproofing Membrane Pipe Seal


SKU:UGWMPS Material:LDPE+Fabric Size:Mixing Pipe Seal:3/4 inch Color:Yellow Application:‎Shower Head ,Valve,Bathtub Well etc.

Product introduction

  · Clever design: the preformed waterproofing pipe seal adopts round design, which allows the product to fit seamlessly to the shower valve and shower head pipe of the bathroom, 

  · Easy installation: the waterproofing pipe seal can be easy to achieve a watertight installation where you need to install, and can be fixed in place with thin morta

  · Effective leak prevention: this pipe seal fits your 3/4 inch pipe; With this pipe seal, you can make the openings in the cement board and tile a comfortable size 

  · Wide application: this waterproofing pipe seal can be applied to the installation of the shower valve and shower head in the bathroom at home



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