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OEM/ODM Tile Shower Pan Development

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In the current market where sales are declining, labor costs are increasing, and product innovation is severely lacking. Each of our enterprises faces many difficulties, in order to maintain our client sales profit, save decoration construction costs, and facilitate our construction efficiency.


We have independently innovatively developed a integration tile shower pan that is more convenient for bathroom construction.


This shower pan integrates the shower tray, shower drain, curb and splash wall into one piece.

It can save time in installing floor drains and waterproof membrane / shower pan liner.

And it effectively solves the risks of water leakage and moisture return.

And in order to facilitate the installation of cement board and tile ready shower pan, we have made innovative improvements to make a H aluminum edge to prevent water from flowing back to the wood frame.


We have developed three model of shower pan: 36 x 36 inches square shower pan (center drain 4” drain grate), 48 x 32 inches and 48 x 36 inches shower pan.


We plan to develop more best-selling sizes between 2024 and 2025, such as:

48 x 48 square center drain shower pan;

60 x 36 inches center drain shower pan;

60 x 36 inches linear drain shower pan;

60 x 48 inches center drain shower pan;

60 x48 inches linear drain shower pan;

72 x 42 center drain shower pan;

72 x 42 off center linear drain shower pan;

72 x 48 off center linear drain shower pan;

For special sizes, as long as the customer quantity reaches 100 to 200 sets, we can develop the tile ready shower pan without any mold cost.

We have our own mold factory, and we will also pay all the costs of shower pan design, shower pan mold design, and shower pan mold development by ourselves. YOU DON’T PAY ANY MOLD FREE!!!


Also, if you have a good idea to develop the tile ready shower pan or other shower products, we can help you to develop the mold and just sell the product to you. So you can save more money to design the product and mold development.

In 10 years of development, we have continuously completed our product system and helped many customers improve our product system. We support all OEM and ODM development.

The main series of products we are currently developing: F-NICHE & T-NICHE, Stainless Steel Niche, Shower Drains, Linear Drains, Outdoor Drains(Catch Basin & Roof Drain), Bathtub Drain System, Shower Base, Shower Pan Liner, Waterproof Membrane, EPS Shower Pan Kits, etc…



36x36, 48x32, 48x36, 48x48, 60x30, 60x32, 60x36, 72x42, 72x48, etc…


Center Drain, Left Drain, Right Drain, Left Linear Drain, Right Linear Drain


Single Curb, Barrier Free, Left Dual Curb, Right Dual Curb, Triple Curb, Neo Angle


Superior Quality, Decorative Wall, Safe and Durable - Unveiling Our Stainless Steel Niche


Our stainless steel niche, with its superior quality, waterproof safety, and easy installation, has become a top choice in decoration. Feel free to choose our product to make your wall decoration outstanding and more durable.

How To Install Uni-Green Shower Niche with Integrated Light (Illuminated Shower Niche Installation)


Uni-Green Shower Niche with Integrated Light Easy To Install

Innovative Fusion! LED Plastic Niche Lights Shine in Bathroom Decor


In summary, LED plastic niches offer a new choice for bathroom decoration with their innovative waterproof design, soft lighting effects, easy installation, perfect tile matching, and safe power supply.