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Question:  What's the material for the niche?
Answer: It is made of plastic ABS which is very durable and recycleable.
Question: What type of screws applied for the niches?

Answer: For the Fin type niches, countersunk tapping types screws applied, and suggest to have it M4X15mm
For T-Niche, Pan Head screws applied, suggest to have it M5X25.
Question: What's the difference with EPS or XPS niches?
Answer: Our niche is made by injection molding which to make it pre-formed as a whole part, no leakage. While the EPS or XPS ones are cut from board and assembled, waterproof membrace applied later. The waterproof work of our plastic shower niches are much more better.
Question: What type of thin-set will be applied for your niches?
Answer: Traditional  thin-set would be OK