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3-1/8 Dia Bathtub 2-Hole Overflow Face Plate


SKU:UGBDTF-CP Dimension:3-1/8 Dia Type:Two Hole Surface: Chrome Plate Material:Brass Inner Box:3.15 × 3.15 × 0.79 inch Qty/Ctn:60 Carton Size:14.37 × 7.36 × 6.50 inch G.W(KGS):5.34

Product introduction


  · Quality Material: Made of solid brass, which provides resistance against corrosion and rust with life lasting performance.

  · Universal Fit: Fits most standard Tub and matches the color in bathroom style

  · Easy and Quick Installation: Just take a few minutes to do the replacement whether you are a professional plumber or a DIY people.

  · Two Different Choices: One hole and 2-hole faceplates on your choices. Either work well.

  · All in One: The kit includes the faceplate and the accessories needed for the replacement!




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