New Product Release: Leading the Innovation of EPS Material Shower Trays




The Innovation of EPS Material Shower Trays---From the MATERIAL/PRODUCT DEESIGN/PACKAGE

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We are delighted to announce that our company has launched a brand new EPS material shower tray, which is a comprehensive improvement over other similar products in the market. As a company dedicated to quality, we have been committed to enhancing the quality and performance of our products, and have made significant efforts in material selection and product design.

                      4848-Center Drain                                            6036-Center Drain                                        6036-Linear Drain

Firstly, we strive for excellent quality in material selection. Unlike other similar products that use recycled materials, our waterproof membrane is made from raw materials, which provides superior waterproofing performance. Additionally, our pipe seal O-Ring is made of silicone material instead of the common PVC material. Silicone material offers outstanding durability and does not harden, ensuring long-lasting waterproofing effectiveness of the shower tray.

Secondly, in terms of product design, we have established long-term and stable partnerships with overseas construction teams, allowing us to promptly understand areas where product improvements are needed. For example, in the design of corners, we aim to achieve sufficient waterproofing performance after installation while ensuring a perfect fit with the walls. Our partners often complain about EPS material shower trays lacking proper slope, which increases the difficulty of construction. Therefore, we have considered the issue of slope during the mold design process and ensured that our products have the appropriate slope during the molding process.

Lastly, regarding product export, we are well aware that excessive volume brings unnecessary costs. Therefore, we have specially designed detachable or can be fold EPS foam shower trays to facilitate sample testing, packaging, and transportation for independent sales. This design not only improves the portability of the product but also reduces transportation costs, providing customers with greater convenience and economic benefits.

Our new EPS material shower tray not only offers excellent quality and performance but also undergoes comprehensive optimization in design and convenience. We believe that this product will bring a whole new level to your showering experience.Here is a summary table of our current EPS product offerings:





4848-Center Drain

EPS, PP, Silicone, ABS, SS304

CUPC Standard


6036-Center Drain

EPS, PP, Silicone, ABS, SS304

CUPC Standard


6036-Linear Drain

EPS, PP, Silicone, SS304

CUPC Standard



If you have any questions or requirements regarding our products, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to exploring and experiencing this innovative creation together with you.


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