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17''× 25''Single Shower Niche UGRN101

17''× 25''Single Shower Niche » UGRN101

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17''× 25''Single Shower Niche

Overall Dimensions:
17" × 25" × 3.75"
423 × 635 × 95 mm

Inside Dimensions:
14" × 21" × 3.63"
356 × 533 × 92 mm

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17''× 25''Single Shower Niche Details

1. Pre-fabricated shower niche that is fully sealed, hassle-free, quick and easy installation – insert into or snap onto cement board; makes traditional tedious shower niche installation effortless!

2. Dual shelf design that works best for larger shower area – great for couples and families

3. 100% guaranteed waterproof and leak-proof. Compare with traditional handmade shower niche having a high risk of leakage and cause mold problems

4. Constructed with light weight yet durable ABS material, strong bond with polymer modified thin-set mortar, highly resistant to corrosive chemicals and physical impacts

5. Can be install vertically or horizontally according to your bathroom design and needs, place it any ways you like!

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